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We work for a heart-safe workplace

On January 30, 2024, all employees at Pure Water Scandinavia AB completed a training in CPR. In addition to this, we also learned how to handle a defibrillator and how to act in the event of a possible respiratory arrest.
A quality-assured and certified training via HLR Experten.
- Working with continuous improvements yields results. It is always possible to make things even better. In my job as production manager, I focus on the staff, production, products, suppliers, project processes and the quality of our delivery to the customer, notes Andreas Astgård.
Part of the work to increase production volumes is to refine the work according to LEAN. This means, among other things, even better order, clear routines and clear instructions at each workstation. Processes Andreas Astgård has worked with for over 20 years.
The PWS production premises are divided into zones. One for the unique and compact CUBO pure water plant and one for the large rigs for power plants, industry and others with requirements for very large amounts of pure water.

New production manager


PWS's new production manager has refined and improved production flows and products at factories in Sweden, China and Poland.
- The goal? To double the production of CUBO and our large pure water rigs as quickly as possible. But we have started to streamline current routines and production together, says Andreas Astgård and guides around the PWS production facility in Falun.

Andreas Astgård took office in the spring of 2023 as production and purchasing manager. He was recruited since PWS is now on the threshold of a number of large, international markets, while the domestic market continues to develop very positively. The 22-year-old company will develop and adapt production to the new volumes.
- I have worked in very large companies before and am really attracted by being able to join and contribute to a company at this stage of its development. It will be a completely different journey, but at the same time the principles are fundamentally the same. Regardless of a company's size, I am used to working according to LEAN to get good control over the entire production process. Working with continuous improvements is part of this, says Andreas Astgård and continues:
- Now we are switching up the basic know-how that has been here at PWS since before. It is no coincidence that we are the market leader in pure water in Sweden and are entering more and more markets abroad.

New structure in production
The new structure in production is quickly visible. Two simple examples:
• Very good order in production where everything is marked to have a good production process
• Clear assembly instructions are readily available at the workstations.
Part of the premises is devoted to the production of the unique and compact CUBO Compact pure water plant. It is now moved forward between the different assembly steps, previously in practice you worked around each machine in one place until it was ready. Now it passes seven stations, loaded with the right parts and tools, before it is ready for delivery to Sweden, Hong Kong, Australia or any other of PWS's markets.
- We came to the conclusion together that it is a simpler and faster way to manufacture CUBOs. And it has proven to work well in practice as well, says Andreas Astgård and goes to the part of the room devoted to the large constructions of pure water facilities, CUBO rigs, which are used, among other things, at power plants and in other places where large flows of pure water are required .

PWS is owned by listed Sdiptech since 2018, (listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Large Cap). They have a pronounced growth strategy for their companies within socially critical infrastructure. This means resources and ambitions that also appeal to Andreas Astgård. The goal for five years is crystal clear. He elaborates:
- By then we should have at least doubled the turnover, developed our products, made production more efficient for those volumes, hired more people, improved our sustainability work and become an even better

Private perspective
Andreas Astgård has held various managerial positions in the manufacturing industry throughout his professional life. He has lived and worked in China and Poland and commuted from his hometown Falun to factories in other parts of the country.
- Privately, we in the family are at a stage where it is time to reduce the commute and do more things with the time here at home. For example, I look forward to being able to ride my bike to work and to help train the children in soccer and floorball. That I can combine that life with the new challenges here at PWS and contribute to our continued growth is absolutely perfect. It's a challenge I can't refuse.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson
One of several new CUBOs that are now being put into operation around the country. This is at the hospital in Sala. The pure water systems are installed in the sterile centers for optimal flexibility.

Six CUBOs to six sterilization centers in six months

In six months, PWS has received orders for six CUBOs for sterile centers. Five of them goes to new customers, one goes to Karolinska Hospital.
- It is about four smaller hospitals and a private healthcare provider with general surgery, says Alexander Halfvarsson, sales manager at PWS

PWS, which was founded 22 years ago, has during a long time supplied advanced pure water facilities to major hospitals and university hospitals in Gothenburg, Lund, Malmö, Uppsala and Stockholm, among others. Complete with project management and pure water pipes.

- We have built up a network of service technicians and fitters who work all over the country. It creates ripples on the water which means that we get openings even in hospitals where we have not delivered before, says Alexander Halfvarsson.

The six CUBOs now ordered provide between 300 and 500 liters of pure water per hour, depending on the specification. In the PWS range they are called small/medium sized. The orders include design and installation of pure water pipes. The pure water facilities are placed in the sterile centers and will produce pure water for autoclaves, dishwashers and dispensing points. Around the clock, when required.

- The operational reliability, the total economy and the smooth installation are what attract even the new customers to cooperate with us. It feels really good that our machines are now being installed in even more places in the country. These are really classic PWS jobs, with everything from planning to manufacturing, assembly, installation and subsequent service, says Alexander Halfvarsson, who also states that it takes less than a week from delivery to start of operation of a CUBO.

The new facilities will go to Capio in Halmstad, Högsbo Hospital, Landskrona Hospital, Sala Hospital, Thorax at Karolinska Hospital and Ängelholm Hospital. Deliveries and installation have begun and will continue during the autumn.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson

We are now ISO certified

We are very happy and proud of our new certification within ISO 9001:2015. This means that we work efficiently and structured and continuously improve our routines and processes within quality.
Our customers can therefore always trust that they receive high quality products!
We are now certified

Sustademy's certification

At Pure Water Scandinavia AB, we are curious and constantly want to develop, improve and learn more. We are in a major transition where knowledge generates better decision making and contributes to more sustainable companies and societies. Therefore, the management/people in leading positions at Pure Water Scandinavia AB has conducted Sustademy's certification training, which aims to build our knowledge of activities required in the work with sustainability. Read more here.
A CUBO 500 EDI is in place. Another one is on the way. Then they are connected to a duplex solution that provides full redundancy of pure water production.
In today's laboratory, analyzes and tests take place even when the staff is not on site. It increases the need for pure water and potent pure water plants that can run around the clock.

Lund orders its 10th CUBO

Skåne University Hospital in Lund will put its 10th (!) CUBO into operation this spring. It will be installed in building 71 and will supply the Department of Clinical Microbiology with pure water.
- Ten units for such a prestigious and demanding customer is something of a milestone. The first CUBO was installed there in 2015, notes Lars Wiklund, marketing manager at PWS.

 The assignment also includes the laying of around 500 meters of pure water pipes, which are welded together with special equipment, as well as the installation of around twenty machine connections and taps. The pipe installation takes place on three floors in the building. The old pipes are dismantled.

- The modern labs, like the ones in Lund, have advanced machines for analyzes and measurements that can run around the clock. This means that you need pure water even at night, which was not the case when the measurements and analyzes were done by the laboratory staff. This places new demands on the performance of pure water facilities. In short, more pure water is needed now than before, says Lars Wiklund.

With compact size, the right water quality, flexible installation, high production volume and its well-known operational reliability, CUBO meets the needs of today's laboratory. Regardless of whether it concerns research, care or life science, a CUBO in the sterile center provides the pure water that is needed.

CUBO number ten at Lund hospital is commissioned by PWS technician with responsibility for southern Sweden. He is based in Lund. A previously delivered CUBO, an identical machine, will be linked with the new one for total redundancy.

- Pure water is used, among other things, for analysis of tests for covid and other highly contagious diseases, so operational reliability is extremely important. In light of that, it feels extra good to have renewed confidence with yet another delivery to Lund, concludes Lars Wiklund.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson
Region Skåne continues to order clean water facilities for the hospitals in Lund and Malmö.
PWS production technicians Niklas, Alexander and Andreas will shortly be joined by another colleague with a focus on production, production planning and quality.

Intense autumn for PWS

PWS has a very intense autumn. With full production, well-filled order books and a multitude of service and maintenance tasks.
- To ensure that operations are not disrupted by component shortages, we have secured a stock of vital components and reviewed our supply chains, says CEO Jenny Jansson.

The board that illustrate the upcoming production speak for themselves. This autumn, around 20 of PWS's advanced and compact CUBO clean water systems will be manufactured for hospitals and laboratories in Australia, Norway and Sweden, among others. Jenny Jansson elaborates:

- When it comes to our exports, Australia stands out. Through our partner Getinge, we have sold a total of about 40 machines to that market. This autumn, another five machines will go there. Considering the varying water quality that they have, we see it as a very good mark of CUBO's operational reliability that the orders continue to come from there.

The machines that are manufactured today at the PWS headquarters and production facility in Falun are developed and refined versions of the original CUBO facilities, the focus is on continuous improvement rather than presenting new models for the sake of it.

- We see that it produces results both for us and our customers. The list of autumn deals is dominated by returning customers who place new orders. We are often trusted to also design and install associated pure water pipes and tap points. When it comes to new business, our previous business and references weigh heavily, concludes Jenny Jansson.

PWS has now started the process to be certified according to the international quality management standard ISO 9001, the conditions of which are in principle already met. Production is also being strengthened with another production technician in Falun.
Today, PWS employs 12 people in administration, production and service in Falun, Stockholm, Borås/Gothenburg and Malmö/Lund.

Five customer examples, autumn 2022:
Wasp Australia. Five CUBOs. From model 150 to 500, Simplex and Duplex. All with the purification step EDI. Delivery in October.

Nyköping hospital. Collaboration with Getinge. Two CUBO 500, Duplex, with EDI. Delivery in September.

St. Olav's Hospital, Trondheim, Norway. A new CUBO Duplex replaces an earlier CUBO. Delivery in November.

Life Science company, Stockholm. CUBO 500 with EDI. Delivery in October.

Hudiksvall Hospital. The sterile center. Two CUBO 500 with extra sterile filter. Delivery in December.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson

PWS continues to deliver to prestigious projects in Malmö

PWS has received another large order from Sweden's currently largest hospital project: Skåne University Hospital in Malmö.
- We design, manufacture and commission three advanced water treatment plants that will be located in two of the area's new buildings, states Lars Wiklund, sales and marketing manager at PWS.
Region Skåne, which owns the hospital, has previously chosen PWS to produce clean water for the operations in the new service building (building 57). This time it is dishwashers / autoclaves in houses 35 and 36 that will be provided with pure water signed by PWS.
- We are building the facilities in our production facility in Falun, where our head office is also located. Our delivery will take place during the fourth quarter of 2022. Installation and trimming will take place during 2023, considering how other parts of the very extensive construction project will proceed. By 2024, everything should be ready and patients should start arriving, says Lars Wiklund.
As a result of the customer's unique requirements, which, among other things, must allow drainage of water to humidify ventilation air, the three facilities are specially designed. But similar models have been supplying all pure water to, for example, the New Karolinska Hospital and the Institute in Solna, Stockholm, for the past five years.
- PWS has been around for over 20 years now and we have references from many different, prestigious projects. Even when it comes to these large volumes. Of course, it is a feather in our cap that Region Skåne also chooses us for these buildings in the area, says Lars Wiklund.
Each plant must deliver 800 liters of pure water per hour. They are identically designed and have the purification step EDI. Control is done through a touch screen directly on the units or via the connection to the hospital's intranet. They are placed in the basement and then the pure water is pumped up into the house and out to taps and dishwashers / autoclaves on the different floors.
Construction work on the hospital began as early as 2018. The first occupancy will take place in 2024. This includes 244 single rooms, 23 operating rooms, an intensive care unit, a central sterile technical unit, a pharmacy and kiosk on site.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson
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Visit from Poland

PWS and our partner from Poland, Media-MED honoured us with their presence and visit to participate in the trainee program provided for about three days. Focus was mainly put on water technology and combining it with the technical applications we offer such as Cubo Compact to the Swedish and global market.

Exchange of experiences was the main theme to increase understanding and see the possibilities in our cooperation and finding common synergy effects and combining it as a starting tool for successful cooperation.

What would a trainee program be without visiting our cities world famous Falugruva, which we did not wanted our guests to miss out on. During the second day all of us together with Media-MED visited our world heritage and the visit was very much appreciated.
Our partner, Media-MED works actively in the Polis market with advanced technology in the fields of MedTech and biotech, where focus is on introducing and providing a range of modern solutions for the Life Science Industry. The clients are mainly laboratories, research and development institutions, biotech, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry.

- Consumables now make up a third of our total sales, states PWS CEO Jenny Jansson.

Pure water - pure success for the new CEO

A year ago, Jenny Jansson took the step from COO, Chief Operating Officer, to CEO of PWS, which is now in a new phase in the company's 20-year history.
- My mission is to lead the company in a strong expansion with the right margins. We are now working to build a strong network of dealers in Europe, mainly to sell our unique water treatment plant CUBO Compact, says Jenny Jansson.

What did you do before you came to Pure Water Scandinavia?
- I worked for almost ten years at two government agencies before I returned to the private sector as finance manager for Dalelven Produktutveckling AB. In 2016 I started as finance manager at PWS and in 2018 I became COO. I wanted to come to an expansive company where I got a free role to develop in. PWS I had come across during the time at Daleleven.
What was it like going from COO to CEO?
- A big advantage of coming from my previous role to the CEO position is of course that I know the company's operations in detail right from the start. I know what the cash flow looks like. I know our production times, deliveries, orders, products, and employees.
Was there anything that surprised you in the change?
- The range, you are responsible for everything that happens in the company. As an employee, you have your area, or your areas. It can be finance, assembly, administration, logistics, sales or whatever it is. As CEO, I am responsible for all this being done in the best possible way. Still, I cannot and should not dig into details. It takes a while until you find your own way to balance it. Here is a great resource in the CEO network within the Sdiptech group. There we help each other with concrete solutions to concrete challenges.
How do you want to be as a leader?
- I want us all to be transparent with what we do and think. Then we can act quickly and solve problems that arise. I have thought about how I perceived the leaders I met myself and want my leadership to be characterized by dialogue, openness, and clarity. Self-leadership is very important here. If we succeed with that, we can go home satisfied and happy every day after having succeeded with a delivery, won a big deal, or solved a problem together.
Personal qualities that are noticeable in your work?
- Structure. Order. Control. I've always liked that. And I want to create that for the whole company, in all our processes. If I am now going to talk about myself and what I can do, I think I have an ability to see what is missing, to see what it takes for something to work even better. I also get clear ideas about what the next step should lead to and how it should be taken. Now, as CEO, I have the mandate to implement them as well.
How has PWS been affected by the pandemic?
- In 2021, the business itself has been affected very little. We have continued to grow, recruited three new people, and taken home several large orders. What is disturbing is the lack of material in the pandemic's tracks. We have therefore built warehouses in a way we have never needed before so that we can continue to build our advanced water treatment plants.
PWS strength and challenges?
- We work based on a three-year plan and if we start with a strength, that is the position in the Swedish market for water purification. We have very good sales and the machines we have out there also need new filters regularly. One challenge is to expand the network of direct resellers in Europe. Another challenge is to work with preventive maintenance, support, and improvements at the significant number of facilities that are already on the market today. It is also important to keep up with developments and have updated products that meet market needs.
What explains PWS 'strong market position?
- Our smart and cost-effective water treatment plants, not least our CUBO. It takes up minimal space and can be put into production very quickly and deliver pure water to laboratories and hospitals. It was put to the test when the pandemic was at its worst and a hospital in southern Sweden quickly needed a new pure water facility to continue the work in its lab, including covid testing. I should also mention that we have CUBOs in South America, the USA, Singapore, and Australia. Our technology works all over the world.
What do you do to relax?
- When I lead spinning sessions, I am really in a different zone. It is completely unpaid but gives a lot back. Not least thanks to the positive participants. In addition, I get a good workout for myself, and I like to work out, so it is really a rewarding hour.
Jenny Jansson, CEO Pure Water Scandinavia
Education: Master of Business Administration with a focus on industrial economics and organization, Dalarna University
Resident: Apartment in central Falun
Family: Two sons, 11 and 13 years old.
Hobbies: The boys' sports take a lot of time; it is floorball and bandy that apply. I cycle, play golf, ski, lead spinning classes and like to eat at a classic brasserie when there is time for it.
Hidden talent: I'm a hobby hairdresser.
Favourite tech gadget: I do not know if you can call it gadget, but I appreciate my car, a plug-in hybrid, very much.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson
The construction of Natrium in Gothenburg has a budget of approximately SEK 1.8 billion. The building will be used by the University of Gothenburg's Faculty of Science. The building will contain advanced lab environments, teaching rooms and offices.

Biggest order ever

PWS is now working on the largest order in the company's 20-year history. Only the job with all the clean water for Nya Karolinska can measure up to the size of the new assignment at Natrium in Gothenburg.
- Among other things, we will install two clean water systems and lay five kilometers of clean water pipes, states Lars Wiklund, PWS founder who is now responsible for marketing and sales.

 PWS installations in the huge property have already begun. By 2023, 32,000 square meters of newly built and 2,000 square meters of rebuilt premises on Medicinareberget in Gothenburg will be ready for use by 3,000 students and 600 employees.
- This is the largest building in the academic world right now and the most advanced. Skanska has the general contract, Akademiska hus is the client and trustee and the University of Gothenburg is the future tenant. We have had the trust to work with Skanska and Akademiska hus, and their subcontractors, many times over the years, says Lars Wiklund.
Reference jobs in this context are Biomedicum at Nya Karolinska, Biological Center in Uppsala, SLU (Statens Lantbruksuniversitet) in Uppsala and Linnaeus University in Kalmar. They all have solutions signed PWS that are similar to the specifications of Sodium.
- We are of course happy and honoured to be able to deliver to another of the country's real prestige projects. We work hard to create solutions that are cost-effective and reliable, constant access to pure water is a must for the operations at laboratories and hospitals. It feels very good that our company can contribute to the operation, and thus care and other important activities, can be conducted as planned, Lars Wiklund confirms.
In the autumn of 2021, piping will be in focus for PWS at Natrium. Pipes will be laid seven floors up in the house and out to a number of lab cranes, taps and pools on different floors. February 2022, the first of two pure water plants is delivered and put in place in the basement. The second is produced shortly thereafter. Both are manufactured and operationally tested at PWS 'head office and production facility in Falun. In total, they will produce up to 1.5 cubic meters of pure water per hour. Converted into hours, the PWS input at Natrium corresponds to more than 2,000 hours.
- If we take a step back and put the assignment at Natrium in perspective to what we have done earlier in our 20 years, it is actually not surprising that we get it. We can, with humility and pride, state that there is no other company in Sweden that has made so many, such large and so advanced pure water facilities as PWS in the last 20 years. And that journey continues, concludes Lars Wiklund.

​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson

Service building 57 is described as the hub for healthcare within the Malmö hospital area. Two series-connected CUBOs from PWS secure pure water around the clock.

Double double order to Region Skåne

Region Skåne chooses CUBO for the new, large service building at Malmö General Hospital, MAS, and the advanced laboratory medicine department in Blocket at Lund University Hospital.
- When our pure water systems are installed this autumn, we have six CUBOs in place in Lund and three in Malmö. We are honoured to receive new orders from the region in their major investments in future healthcare, says Lars Wiklund, sales and marketing manager at PWS.
In Malmö, two CUBOs will be installed in house 57 to ensure a constant flow of pure water to laboratories and sampling. The solution allows both machines to run simultaneously or separately. They produce pure water which is pumped into a tank, from where the pure water goes out to the users via pure water pipes.
- With CUBO, the customer gets a cost-effective solution that can be used the same day it is put in place. The competitors 'solutions mean special constructions and long construction time on site, which also drives up costs, states Lars Wiklund, who started the 20 years anniversary PWS in 2001 and also invented the CUBO.
One of the first CUBOs to be installed was bought by Region Skåne for the hand surgeon at MAS. The latest delivery will take place in the autumn. Technicians from PWS install and commission on site. All CUBOs are built and tested at PWS 'head office and production facility in Falun before delivery.
- As for the latest assignment in Lund, we installed a CUBO on another floor in that property, Blocket, 2018. The University Hospital is constantly expanding and it is great to be onboard on their journey. This time it is the laboratory in medicine in Blocket that needs secure access to pure water, Lars Wiklund explains.
Also for Lund, the choice this time falls on a solution with two interconnected CUBOs. When it is ready, the following departments at Lund University Hospital have pure water produced by a facility from PWS: clinical genetics, risk autopsy, eye surgery, laboratory medicine and the sterile center.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson
Pure water to St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Livonia, Michigan will soon be produced with an advanced pure water plant developed and manufactured in Falun, Dalarna.

Large delivery to the USA

- In April, four CUBO / Getinge WPTs were sent to the USA. They are going to hospitals in Michigan and Virginia and are the first machines to go into commercial operation in the United States. Previously, we have shipped over machines that partly served as demo machines. These orders could be the beginning of a breakthrough in the giant North American market, says Lars Wiklund, PWS founder and responsible for marketing and sales.

 The machines will be up and running during the early summer. They are part of a concept for advanced sterile centers that are sold and delivered by PWS 'global partner Getinge. Therefore, they are specially adapted and bear the name Getinge WPT, where WPT stands for Water Pre Treatment.
- We have worked for over seven years to enter the market in the US. Just before the pandemic broke out in 2020, the extremely extensive test and certification process was completed, but then everything stopped, states Lars Wiklund, who has also invented the compact CUBO / WPT machines.
PWS machines replace another manufacturer's facilities in Getinge's total concept in the USA. Theoretically, it can lead to breath-taking volumes, for example, the city of New York alone has more hospitals than Sweden. But according to Lars Wiklund, a realistic forecast for the coming years lands at 40 - 50 CUBO / WPT annually.
- It always takes a long time before projects and marketing processes of this size reach their full potential. When the pandemic allows, a group of centrally located technicians from the United States will come over to us in Falun to learn the machines in detail, a follow-up to a training we previously conducted in the United States. We have done similar trainings for Getinge's technicians in Asia and it is a long-term investment that gives results in the market.
The machines are a WPT 500 E Duplex (two interconnected WPT 500 E) that will go to St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Livonia, Michigan, a WPT 500 E to Virginia Commonwealth University Health in Richmond, Virginia and a WPT 150 E to Princess Anne Ambulatory Surgery in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
The letter E indicates that the purification step EDI, electrodionization, is included. In order to maintain the necessary US certification, special inspectors inspect PWS production and processes once a quarter, on site at PWS 'head office and production facility in Falun.
- If you take a step back and reflect a little on our company's 20-year history, it is fantastic that we have created an opportunity to succeed in the United States as well. With a strong company like Sdiptech behind us, we have the muscles to handle even such a step, whenever it comes. All of us at PWS can feel proud of that, Lars Wiklund concludes.

​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson

From Dalarna to Virginia

Within a few days, another pure water plant will leave our premises in Falun. This time the trip goes to Virginia in the USA. Specifically, VCU Health (Virginia Commonwealth University). This is done through a collaboration with Getinge Infection Control AB.
Alexander cleans the machine before it's time to pack it.

Packed and ready for pickup.

Parts of PWS pipe installation and pure water system at Xbrane in the Retzius Laboratory in Solna, near Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska Hospital.

PWS supplies superwater for biotechnology

Expansive medicine pioneer Xbrane Biopharma is the first business to be relocated to the completely renovated Retzius Laboratory. For their research on tomorrow's medicines, they’re in need of extremely clean water, type I water. The highest water standard that exists.

 PWS, which designs, builds and installs the building's central pure water system, has also been commissioned to specially design Xbrane's extra treatment stage, the one that takes the water from type II to type I. Lars Wiklund, Marketing and Sales Manager at PWS elaborates:
In simple terms, it is a construction with four different components that makes the ion content not measurable, in water only the water molecule's own conductivity remains. The capacity will be two cubic meters per hour and the water will circulate in an internal loop at Xbrane. Of course, the loop also corresponds to the extreme requirements in this context.
PWS has, as one of the few companies in the country, made this type of facility before. In addition to the pure water system, 400 meters of pure water pipes and around 20 tap points will be installed at Xbrane. The assembly of the pipes will take place in November, at the same time as the plant will be completed at PWS 'head office and production facility in Falun.
- We have project managers with great experience who make sure that everything runs as planned in this prestigious project. At the end of Q1 2021, our efforts are complete, concludes Lars Wiklund.
Xbrane is a biotechnology company that develops, manufactures and produces biosimilars. For example, how medicines that are currently manufactured with a biological component should be able to be based on a synthetic (biosimilar). That would lower the cost of certain medications for cancer and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism, just to name a few examples.

​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson

Jenny Jansson new CEO of Pure Water Scandinavia AB

On January 1, 2021, Jenny Jansson becam the new CEO of PWS.
Jenny has been employed as a finance / operational chef within the company since 2016.
PWS's former CEO, Lars Wiklund, remains within the company but will now put all his focus on sales and marketing.
3 Quick questions

How does it feel to be appointed CEO of PWS?
It feels both challenging and fun!
What will be the biggest challenge?
To be enough!
What is most important to you in your new role?
To be clear, structured, humble and driven!

Tung Wah Hospital in Hong Kong gets a new sterile center with pure water from PWS.
The machines to Hong Kong are also equipped with the purification stage EDI, hence the model name Getinge
​​​​​​​ WPT 500 E.

2021 begins with a delivery to Hong Kong

PWS begins the new year with another delivery to Hong Kong. Two CUBO / WPT 500 E are going to the historic Tung Wah Hospital, the first public hospital in Hong Kong. Production and test runs will take place in January at PWS 'head office and production facility in Falun.
PWS already has three CUBOs running at hospitals in Hong Kong. Businesses done through PWS 'global partner Getinge, which is also the customer of the latest machines. When CUBO is adapted according to Getinge's wishes, it is called Getinge WPT, where WPT stands for Water Pre-Treatment.
- This time there’s two machines that are connected and become a Duplex, a solution we have made for many other customers to easily double the capacity. Getinge's staff on site, who we have previously trained, installs and puts the machines into operation. It will take place in March, says Lars Wiklund, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager and PWS founder.
The pure water facilities are part of a new sterile center delivered by Getinge. They ensure that autoclaves and dishwashers receive water with the purity required to ensure optimal cleaning and disinfection. It is central to guaranteeing clean goods during operations, examinations and tests.
- It feels good to also gain the trust from Tung Wah Hospital. Evidently, our machines meet the very high demands of Hong Kong's healthcare and laboratory sector. We are now in a phase where we are jointly discussing appropriate solutions for future projects with stakeholders in Hong Kong. It feels very good and gives us reason to believe in further business in the expansive region, states Lars Wiklund.
Tung Wah Hospital Hong Kong was founded as early as 1870 and is placed in historic buildings. There, Western and Chinese medicine are combined for optimal care, something that is very rare. The hospital's nine specialist wards include cardiac care, pulmonary care, otolaryngology, stroke treatment and urology. The hospital has 494 beds for inpatients, 93 for day patients and 46 beds dedicated for rehabilitation.

​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson

Since PWS moved to larger and more purpose-built premises, two test-run CUBOs are always kept in stock, ready for immediate delivery.

Urgent CUBO delivery ensures covid testing

It did not even take 30 hours from ordering to delivery and commissioning of a CUBO that recently went from PWS in Falun to a hospital in southern Sweden. If there is a record in this context, a new one is set now.

9 am, Wednesday: PWS receives a call from a hospital in southern Sweden. To ensure continuous testing of covid-19, a new pure water system must be in place. The old plant has serious malfunctions.
1 pm, Wednesday: A production-tested CUBO 500 is packed on a truck at PWS 'head office and production facility in Falun.
8 am, Thursday: The CUBO arrives at the hospital's loading dock, unpacks and is put in place.
1 pm, Thursday: Two technicians from PWS arrive. They connect incoming water, connect the CUBO to the electricity grid, connect it to the hospital's intranet and start its production of pure water.
3 pm, Thursday: The pure water from the CUBO, ready to use, is pumped around in a loop. If the old, unreliable, system crashes, the pure water from the CUBO can be immediately directed out onto the loop that serves the test lab. And secure the covid tests.
- From order to production start on site, it took less than 30 hours. I have been in the business since the late 1980s. PWS has been around for 19 years, but I have neither heard of nor experienced anything like it myself. It feels fantastic that our solution can really contribute when it is most needed, states Lars Wiklund, PWS CEO and founder.
Behind the fast deal and delivery, there are a number of CUBO facilities on site at the hospital since before and the fact that competing companies left a higher price to replace the old pure water facility. Since the right pure water is critical to secure the testing, it soon became very urgent.
- As the CUBO does not take up more space than a large refrigerator, and contains all the components required to produce clean water, it is both easy to place and to put into operation on site. It is also really cost effective. We can see this assignment as a sharp and telling proof of that, states Lars Wiklund.
Håkan Edvardsson

PWS's advanced clean water plant CUBO will be used in the fight against covid-19.
Stock Photography.

CUBO for covid analysis

A former customer in Central Sweden has ordered two more CUBOs. Among other things, they will secure pure water for analyzes of covid-19.
A former customer in Central Sweden has ordered two more CUBOs. Among other things, they will secure pure water for analyzes of covid-19.
- It's about analyzing how the blood reacts regard to antibodies, which seems more relevant now then ever. We install a CUBO on one floor and build pure water pipes to the floor above, where the business is in progress. On that floor we also draw a pure water loop with several taps. It is a proven solution for safe operation, says Lars Wiklund, PWS founder and CEO.
The new machines, CUBO 150, will have similar solutions with piping and tapping points. The machines are manufactured and tested at PWS 'head office and production facility in Falun before they are delivered. Operation will start in 2021. The facilities produce, as the name suggests, 150 liters of pure water per hour.
 - The customer has been very clear that they are satisfied with our previous installation and want the new facilities and pipe work to meet the same requirements. This is always very fun and binding, says Lars Wiklund.

​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson

The advanced life science activities in the “new” Retzius laboratory have their pure water production secured through two plants from PWS.

Large facilities for life science

PWS secures another major assignment for Akademiska Hus. On Campus Solna, near KI and KS, the 24,000 square meter Retzius laboratory is being renovated from the ground up.The clean water for the companies in the house will be produced by two clean water plants from PWS.

PWS secures another major assignment for Akademiska Hus. On Campus Solna, near KI and KS, the 24,000 square meter Retzius laboratory is being renovated from the ground up.
The clean water for the companies in the house will be produced by two clean water plants from PWS.
The previous operations in the Retzius Laboratory have moved to new properties built for Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska Hospital, and PWS facilities produce all pure water there as well. After a complete renovation, the first tenant will move into Retzius in the spring of 2021. In 2022, the entire house will be as new, and part of one of the world's strongest clusters in life science.
- Our tailor-made facilities for Retzius are built at our new production facility in Falun and will be installed before Christmas. There will be a facility in both of the two houses with a laboratory that requires pure water. Each plants have a capacity of 500 liters of pure water per hour. An extensive piping is also included in the assignment, states Lars Wiklund, PWS' founder and CEO.
The new facilities will pump out water to three loops of pure water in each house. From there, solutions are tailored for each tenant on each floor. The water quality is of the class ASTM Type II, PWS complements with additional purification steps if any customer so requires.
- The property gets a slightly different profile now that private companies move in. The houses will also be filled by tenants gradually, something we of course adapt our solutions to. Before PWS started, I was the CEO of the company that delivered the previous plants.So it obviously feels a little extra fun to gain renewed trust in the same property, with the same owner, Lars Wiklund concludes.
Håkan Edvardsson

North Lantau Hospital also chooses a water treatment plant from PWS.

PWS continues to grow in Hong Kong

One of Hong Kong's most modern hospitals chooses clean water from PWS.
The 43,000 square meter North Lantau Hospital was inaugurated in 2013. Two CUBO / WPT 500 E will now go to the high-tech sterile centre signed PWS 'global partner Getinge.

- After that delivery, we have five facilities in Hong Kong. It is the result of work that began with personal meetings five years ago and continued with CUBO training in Singapore, where Hong Kong staff also participated. It is very gratifying to see our seeds germinate and our patience pays off, states Lars Wiklund, PWS CEO and founder.
North Lantau Hospital comprises eight floors and can accommodate 160 inpatients. Furthermore, there are, among other things, an emergency room, operating rooms, restaurants, a laundry facility and a mortuary within the property. The sterile centre with its WPT 500 E, as CUBO is called when it is specially adapted to Getinge, supplies the entire hospital with clean water. The two plants are connected in series so that 1,000 litres of clean water per hour are produced.
- It is a prestigious building on the other side of the world. We have been active for 20 years, but it is still a little extra honouring and fun that our CUBO is also selected for such projects. With several reference machines in place, we also have reason to believe that more orders from Hong Kong are to be expected. In fact, we are already having discussions about larger, specially manufactured facilities, concludes Lars Wiklund.
The two facilities at North Lantau Hospital are being built at PWS 'new head office and production facility in Falun. PWS basically doubles its areas and now has over 500 square meters of production area and warehouse at Ingarvet, just outside central Falun. With five offices, conference rooms, staff rooms, kitchens and living areas, the newly renovated premises amounts to 700 square meters.

​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson

The central hospital in Växjö is investing in an exactly the same CUBO as Ljungby hospital has recently taken into use.

A first CUBO in Växjö

PWS continues deliveries to the Kronoberg Region. A CUBO 300 EDI was recently installed at Ljungby Hospital. And now Centrallasarettet in Växjö ordered a similar copy of the compact and advanced water treatment plant, complete with the associated clean water pipes.

The CUBO replaces an older, larger unit with poorer performance. The change takes place in connection with an investment in the sterile centre with the replacement of, among other things, dishwashers and autoclaves.

- It will be our first delivery to the Central Hospital in Växjö, but we have been there before and had training in the importance of clean water and how a stable flow of clean water of the right quality can be ensured. In this context, we can state that PWS has a large water treatment plant in Växjö, at the CHP plant. But in this case, the references from Ljungby weigh even heavier, says Lars Wiklund, PWS founder and CEO.

The CUBO for the Central Hospital in Växjö is assembled and tested at PWS 'new head office and production facility in Falun. Delivery of the machine, which produces 300 litres of clean water per hour, takes place at the end of August. Lars Wiklund states:
- Two of our technicians will do installation, commissioning and pipe work in one go, it takes about a week. Our ambition is always to act so that everything flows as quickly and smoothly as possible for our customers.

Håkan Edvardsson

Niklas, production technician at PWS, inspecting the CUBO for Ljungby lasarett.

Renews sterile central - choses  a CUBO 300

In 2016, PWS delivered a CUBO to Ljungby lasarett. And now Region Skaraborg is ordering another one for the growing business in Småland. In the same time that the sterilization center installs new autoclaves, an investment is made in a CUBO 300 with EDI to ensure continuous production of the highest quality pure water.
- The CUBO will be manufactured at the beginning of June at our new production facility in Falun. Installation and commissioning are done on site by a PWS technician the week after midsummer. The job involves only a minor pipe job, as the sterile center is wall to wall with our clean water plant, says Lars Wiklund, PWS founder and CEO.
The upgrade of the sterile center is part of a long-term extension of the Ljungby lasarett. Since CUBO is designed to work alone or paired, it is extremely easy to get larger volumes of pure water in the future. All it takes is one more CUBO.
- The fact that we received this order is largely due to the fact that the staff at Ljungby lasarett are very satisfied with their first CUBO. It's a little extra fun with repeat customers. We will ensure that they are just as satisfied with the results this time around, Lars Wiklund notes.
​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson

Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore opened as early as 1844.
​​​​​​​Two CUBO / Getinge WPT will be installed here.

Singapore chooses CUBO - again

PWS has sold two more advanced water treatment plants to Singapore. This time it is one of Singapore's oldest and largest hospitals that chooses CUBO / Getinge WPT.
- The order comes through our global partner Getinge. The machines will be delivered and commissioned in August and this will be done by a service technician from PWS, provided that the ongoing covid-19 pandemic rings - which we all really hope for, says Lars Wiklund, PWS CEO and founder.
In December 2019, a CUBO was launched at Private Raffles Hospital in Singapore. It has served as a reference object in this context. The most recent customer in the Asian metropolis is Tan Tock Seng Hospital with 1,700 care sites, also called "People's Hospital". They order two CUBO / Getinge WPT 500 EDI.
- We have also been given the confidence to design and assemble the loops for the purified water. Eight dish disinfectants signed Getinge are to be supplied with our ultra clean water. We know that the customer looked at solutions other than ours and that they looked at our machine at Raffles Hospital before making their decision. Lars Wiklund notes that this always feels extra fun.
At the time of writing, PWS has very good inventory levels of critical components. Deliveries from the US, Asia and Europe to the fast-growing company are running as usual. The machines for Tan Tock Seng Hospital, and others ordered by Swedish customers at the beginning of the year, are being built as planned at PWS's head office and production facility in Falun.
- Since our products are used in hospitals and we have been running since 2001, we are prioritized by our partners and suppliers. In fact, our order intake is very good even now, which we are very grateful for, says Lars Wiklund and concludes:
- The world has not stopped, even though it sometimes feels and looks like it. The pandemic has hardly affected our company at all, if we talk numbers. On a human level, no one can say how frightening and sad this is for everyone affected.

​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson

A new CUBO 500 is now to be found on an installation floor, plan 13, at Linköping University Hospital.

Higher performance in Linköping

- Linköping University Hospital needs the best water available. At the same time, more and more ultra-pure water is used in hospital processes. Therefore, we are now installing a CUBO 500 that specifically supplies operating rooms, thoracic clinics and clinical chemistry, thereby reducing the pressure on the sterile center's clean water production, says PWS project manager and production technician Janke Wiklund.
Since 2007, a clean water plant signed by PWS has supplied the hospital's sterile center with pure water. The dishwashers and autoclaves are now replaced and therefore the purified water is no longer sufficient for both the sterilization center and other departments. The solution is the above mentioned CUBO, which produces 500 liters of ultra-pure water per hour.
- The change also means a lot of pipe work to optimize the flow of pure water in the sterile center. For example, we change from simple to double loops. There will be about 500 meters of pure water pipes when everything is ready in 2021. What complicates the matter somewhat is that the sterile center is in operation when the work is carried out, but we have long experience of this as well, says Janke Wiklund.
The CUBO, which supplies operating rooms, thoracic clinics and clinical chemistry, was commissioned at the end of February. PWS's partner Getinge delivers the new machines to the sterile center. Janke Wiklund summarizes:
- With this investment in a new CUBO and new pure water loops, Linköping University Hospital further increases the performance and safety of its pure water production, which in turn increases the reliability of the new dishwashers and autoclaves.

Håkan Edvardsson

Since 2017, a CUBO has been operating here at Hospital General Plaza de la Salud.
The latest clean water plants for the Dominican Republic are installed in the new Ciudad Sanitaria Dr. Luis E. Aybar.

CUBO for prestigeful project in the Caribbean

Two more CUBO are exported to the Dominican Republic, one CUBO 500 and one CUBO 150. Since they are delivered to, and specially adapted for, Getinge they carry the name Getinge WPT.

- They will being installed in a new medical center, "Nueva Ciudad Sanitaria Dr. Luis E. Aybar", in buildings specially built for cardiology, general surgery and maternal care. It is a very large project for the Dominican Republic, states Marisol Escudero Gómez, Business Area Manager Latin America at PWS's partner Getinge.
- The order follows the delivery of a unit to the "Hospital General Plaza de la Salud" 2017. That customer has provided very positive feedback, has had no problems with their clean water drainage and is very satisfied, says Marisol Escudero Gómez, who is based in Mexico.

Lars Wiklund, PWS CEO and founder and engineer of CUBO, was in Mexico City and visited Getinge's staff in connection with previous delivery. He notes that the two Dominican Republic facilities are the first to be manufactured according to the ETL certification recently obtained by CUBO / Getinge WPT.
- This means that they contain a number of special components and meet the electricity standard for the USA and Canada. Our water treatment plants for the Dominican Republic are part of a larger solution where they produce the clean water needed for Getingen's dishwashers and autoclaves to function optimally and clean and sterilize surgical equipment, Lars Wiklund says.
The facilities are being built at PWS head office and production facility in Falun. They are delivered at the end of February / March.

​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson


Expansive Norrlands University Hospital in Umeå is very careful about its water quality

" The machines works like a charm "

Two large CUBO originals.
Two CUBO Compact.
Two CUBO Mini.
- The machines works like a charm. They basically have no down time and are easy to maintain, says Jon Lycksell, a technician at Norrlands University Hospital in Umeå, which has the world's highest concentration of various CUBO units.

The latest pure water plant was delivered on week 45. It replaces two old central plants that supplied water to the research and education business. The pipe system that connects to the current sterile center is also updated. Service technicians from PWS monitor the commissioning of the plant.
- We supply two CUBO 500 EDI in which provides a total capacity of a full 1,000 liters of pure water per hour. Two pumps that express the water in five and six loops are also included in the latest we deliver to Umeå, states Lars Wiklund, PWS CEO and founder.
Norrlands University Hospital, with Region Västerbotten as its principal, has a number of different properties. In the sterile center from 2011 there are two CUBO Compact. Two CUBO Mini are installed at dish centers in other properties, where they supply the autoclaves right there with clean water.
- We have different needs for pure water in the business, so it is natural to procure pure water facilities with different performance, it is a matter of the right logistics. PWS solutions meet the different needs and have the reliability we need. Their staff also knows what they're doing, Jon Lycksell says.

Håkan Edvardsson

PWS technician Martin Lund serves the plant in the basement floor at Biomedicum.
A custom-built CUBO rig produces clean water that is constantly pumped around in the 14 loops.
Biomedicum is one of Europe's newest, largest and most advanced research lab with room for 1,600 researchers and other staff. The business requires plenty of pure water.
Biomedicum is the Karolinska Institute’s largest construction project ever. Architectural firm CF Möller designed the house.

Largest project rewarded

- This spring, Biomedicum was named The Building of the Year in 2019. Since then, interest in our efforts, to design, produce and distribute all pure water, has also increased. We are on the verge of similar projects, says Lars Wiklund, PWS CEO and founder.

Biomedicum was built by Akademiska Hus on behalf of the Karolinska Institutet. The cost of the eleven-storey house was just over SEK 2 billion, well below budget. In addition, the highly advanced research laboratory was completed faster than expected. The Building of the Year is the most prestigious nomination in the community building sector.
- It was well organized and the atmosphere was always good on the building. People finished theirs tasks on time and did what they were supposed to. On our part, the spaces we needed in the basement and on the floor level were ready when our pure water system and the water pipes were to be installed, says technician Martin Lund, who is now responsible for servicing the plant.
In addition to a specially designed water purification plant with several purification steps and a huge capacity of four cubic meters of purified water per day, PWS also designed and drawn 14 different loops for several tapping points in the house. In total, there are about a mile of loops in which the water constantly circulates, to eliminate bacterial growth.
- Overall, this is our most advanced and largest project ever. The demands on the water are extreme and at the same time there are many loops with different pressures depending on floor. We have good knowledge in water chemistry and also great know-how when it comes to pipe drawing and pressure calculation. The rumour about it is spread in the industry through this and similar projects, states Lars Wiklund.
Wiklund refers to the fact that Biomedicum has the country's largest clean water plant in the laboratory world. And that PWS also built the second largest, at the Biocentrum in Uppsala. As well as the fact that plants and pipelines designed by PWS, with head office and production facility in Falun, supplies all clean water to Karolinska Hospital and Karolinska Institute. To name just a few examples from the company's 18-year history.
- No one involved is surprised that Biomedicum became the Building of the Year. It is impressive to be this organized in terms of such an advanced property, both architecturally and functionally. I understand that others with similar projects are following it in the tracks, says Lars Wiklund and concludes:
- Even if you build on a smaller scale, there is much to be learned from the construction process around Biomedicum. We contribute our input to interested parties, but exactly what projects will come out of these discussions is too early to say.
Client / project manager: Akademiska Hus.
Entrepreneur: Skanska.
Construction time: Five years.
Gross area: 65 000 m2.
Cost: SEK 2,050 million.
Clean water system: CUBO, 4 m3 water / day.
Pure water distribution: 14 loops in eleven floors.
​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson

PWS Senior Application Specialist Jim Wisser, on the right, led the training of technicians in the United States.
The last training opportunity for Getinge's service managers in the US is also the starting point for the sale of CUBO there, which in Getinge's versions is called Getinge WPT.
- The entry into the US market is a real milestone for us, states Lars Wiklund, PWS CEO and founder.

Historical order to the United States

PWS has taken a first order to the USA. Two CUBO Compact 500 with EDI leave the head office and production facility in Falun last week in September.
- It is historic and very, very big for us. You have to be careful about adding such big words, but in this case it is justified, says Lars Wiklund, PWS CEO and founder.
Jenny Jansson, operational manager, is responsible for the installation and delivery of the advanced water treatment plants. One thing is that in the PWS assembly hall there are also machines destined for Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Sweden at the same time.
- Through our partner Getinge, we already manufacture for export, but the market forecasts for the United States beat everything we have encountered so far. Now we want to make it a reality too. The plans we are now drawing up for the future include expansion and larger premises, but nothing has been decided at present, states Jenny Jansson.
Orders to the US follow five years of market processing. At Getinge's base in the city of Rochester, New York, a CUBO Compact has been run and demonstrated.
- We came to the conclusion that the best way into the US market was to show technicians, operators and end users the benefits of the CUBO. And then the first order came immediately, Lars Wiklund says.
One machine is going to AtlantiCare Center for Orthopedic Surgery in New Jersey, exactly where the other one is installed has not been communicated. But it is clear that both will primarily supply Getinge's dishwashers and autoclaves in place with clean water, to ensure optimal operation and spot-free cleaning of surgical goods and surgical tools. In October, a PWS technician will travel to USA for support during installation and start-up.
- Since we have trained Getinge's staff on site, operations and ongoing service are then performed by them. It is the same procedure that we have elsewhere in the world. Because our facilities log key parameters, have automatic alarm functions and can also be monitored over the network, it is easy for customers to control, analyze and adjust operations, Jenny Jansson concludes.

Håkan Edvardsson

PWS compact clean water system was installed in the new sterile center.
PWS compact clean water system was installed in the new sterile center.

Another CUBO to a hospital in the north

The hospital in Örnsköldsvik also installs a CUBO when they rebuild and modernize their sterile center. This happened in August, and in this case too the assignment is a result of PWS's collaboration with Getinge who among other things, manufactures autoclaves and dishwashers to clean and sterilize surgical equipment. PWS also drew a loop of pure water pipes, which of course was done by PWS's own staff.

- Our machine, which bears the name Getinge PWT when adapted to Getinge's product family, complements their range. It is natural for them to secure the operation of their machines and the quality of their cleaning process by using pure water, free of substances that can adversely affect the end result and machine wear. In Örnsköldsvik we installed a CUBO 150.
Says Lars Wiklund, CEO and founder of PWS and who is also the man behind CUBO / WPT. Örnsköldsvik is just one of several hospitals and lasers in northern Sweden that have recently chosen CUBO / Getinge WPT for their modernized and rebuilt sterile centers. Similar solutions are found in Sollefteå, Sundsvall and Härnösand, among others.
- It's always fun when one job leads to another, within a network or group that obviously has contact with each other and tips each other if they are happy with it. It is the trust that commits and which we are happy and proud to manage, concludes Lars Wiklund.

​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson

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  • bollnas-4
Niklas, one of PWS's technicians, was responsible for installation and commissioning in Bollnäs.

Aleris invests in CUBO

A CUBO Compact 500 has been installed in Bollnäs hospital. It produces pure water for the sterile center and washroom. The department is run by Aleris on behalf of Region Gävleborg and the patients come from all over Gävleborg. Here are planned surgeries in orthopaedics and urology.

- Our plant has been in operation since the month of May when our technician Niklas installed it. Aleris chose to supplement the CUBO with two sterile filters and one MB filter. In addition to this, drawing of pure water pipes was also included in the assignment, says Lars Wiklund, PWS CEO and founder and continues:

- We have performed assignments for the Gävleborg region before, but this is the first time we are delivering to the private healthcare group Aleris. It's always fun with new customers and given their size and spread in the country this first time should not be the last.
As always, the CUBO was installed in less than a day. All plants are mounted and tested at PWS headquarters and production facility in Falun before being delivered and commissioned by the company's technicians on site. In operation, the CUBO can then be monitored via intranet, internet and a touch screen in the front.

Håkan Edvardsson

Compact and reliable Getinge WPT 150, from PWS, in place in the new sterilization center at Sollefteå Hospital.

Modern sterile center in Sollefteå

Sollefteå Hospital chooses CUBO when they modernize their sterilization center; the machinery for washing and sterilizing operating instruments and operating equipment. The order is a collaboration with Getinge. The CUBO is adapted to their and the customer's wishes and carries the model name Getinge WPT 150.

- Previously, ordinary municipal water has been used in the dishwashers and autoclaves in Sollefteå. With our compact pure water system, the machines get, simply expressed, twice as long a lifetime and need half as much service and maintenance. This is because the water is purified from minerals, salts, lime and other things that can interfere with the operation and affect the purity of the goods, says Lars Wiklund, PWS CEO and founder.

The machine was manufactured at PWS headquarters and manufacturing plant in Falun and is now installed and commissioned at Sollefteå Hospital. PWS technicians have also drawn a shorter clean water loop.

- Double sterile filters were also mounted on outgoing water to remove any microorganisms. In total, our efforts took about a week, concludes Lars Wiklund.

​​​​​​​Håkan Edvardsson

Karolinska Institutet, KI, has a clean water facility similar to the one that is being  installed at the Livsmedelsverket.

Livsmedelsverket chooses CUBO

PWS secures another prestigeous assignment in Uppsala. After winning a procurement, PWS will deliver a CUBO 500 EDI to Livsmedelsverket.

- The highest concentration of CUBO's in Sweden will be in the advanced research environment at Livsmedelsverket, Veterinary and Animal Center, Biomedical Center and Hubben / Uppsala Science Park. It is both honorable and fun, says Lars Wiklund, PWS founder and CEO.

The new house where Livsmedelsverket will be seated is named after Anders Celsius, who named the temperature unit. The construction has started. PWS will start with the piping system during the early summer.

- It was decisive that we could show good references from similar projects and in this case these were found a few hundred meters away. It was appreciated by the developer, the contractor and the end user. Even at VHC, Biocentrum and Hubben the requirements were high, both on the water treatment plants themselves and on the piping and the implementation of the contract, says Lars Wiklund.

Livsmedelsverket’s laboratory requires a large amount of pure water. Therefore, the CUBO is supplemented with a rig where a larger tank, extra pumps and filter housing are placed. A similar solution is already in operation at Karolinska Institutet, KI, for example.

- Our CUBO and the rig are constructed at the head office and production facility in Falun. Then everything is mounted smoothly in place. What takes time in the Celsius property in Uppsala is the extensive piping in several floors, therefore we will start the mounting as soon as possible, concludes Lars Wiklund.
Plant: CUBO 500 EDI.
Extra: External tank of 1 000 liters.
Four pumps. Eight filter housings.
Pure water pipes: 1.5 km in four loops on several floors.
Capacity: 500 liters of pure water / hour.
Project time: Summer 2019 - summer 2020.
Client: Vasakronan.
End user: Livsmedelsverket

Håkan Edvardsson

Educating in South Korea

Our Senior Application Specialist Jim Visser has arrived back home from South Korea. During his stay he educated employees at the Samsung Medical Centre, Gagnam/Seoul (SMC) in operation administration and maintenance. SMC opened in 1994 and has 1979 beds and has the last 20 years received multiple awards for their high-quality care. 

With us partnering with Getinge Group we managed to assemble a Cubo Compact 500 RO (WPT 500) to SMC's cancer department. 

Cubo 1200 is on its way

It takes some logistics support to get a facility such as the one we sent to Huddinge New Sterile Central. "Riggen" that weighs about 600 kilos and is 2,8 metres long, will be able to produce 1200 litres pure water per hour. 
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New sector customer

– We have delivered our first CUBO/Getinge WPT that will be used in a laundry. I tested and installed it in the middle of January and everything went as planned. It now produces pure water that is being used in an autoclave where operation gowns are sterilised.

Those are the words of Gustav Andersson, service technician at PWS, after his mission at Uudenmaan Sairaalapesula in Järvenpää, 38 kilometres north of Helsinki. Yearly the laundry washes nine million kilo of textiles and the company's revenue is 20 million euros. 

– Beside the installation, with customer specific programming, I also held a short education for employees. Now that they have basic knowledge as to how the machine works, they can easily do smaller tasks such as change filter, Andersson continues.

It was delivered via our partner Getinge whose CUBO is called Getinge WPT, Water Pre-treatment. The delivery to the laundry also means that PWS now can add a customer to their books. Previous deliveries to finish hospitals in the region made the new order possible. 

– It is great to see that our machines can be used in multiple ways, in many different surroundings. In this case it was installed on a existing line, where an older water-cleaning had previously been. Which made things run very smooth.
Håkan Edvardsson

Kullbergska Hospital has a CUBO 300 that is tested on sight after being installed.

CUBO increases life span in Katrineholm

Our latest customer to invest in an advanced pure water facility from Pure Water Scandinavia is Kullbergska Hospital in Katrineholm. The hospital choose a CUBO 400 that was connected to the existing piping. 

The pure water facility, with a capacity of 400 litres pure water per hour, was installed by the new year. It was recently commissioned by a technician from PWS together with employees from the Hospital. 

– Considering that the hospital is not familiar with the kind of water cleaning that we produce we wanted to make sure that the maintenance staff was fully informed about the function and construction of the CUBO. Since it can be monitored and controlled via a touch screen online it is very easy to keep the machine going without any issues, says Lars Wiklund who is the founder and CEO of PWS. 

The pure water from CUBO will go to dish machines and autoclaves in the hospital. Since the water is super clean the units won't wear down as fast and the equipment will be even cleaner.
– With right pure water the life span of these units will increase, which will save the hospital money over time. It is great that we could help yet another customer achieve this, Lars Wiklund says. 

Håkan Edvardsson

PWS is breaking new ground. A hospital in Hong Kong gets their pure water from a WPT 500 E.

Historical CUBO/WPT to Hong Kong

A CUBO/WPT 500 E has written a new chapter in Pure Water Scandinavia's history. It is the first clean water facility that has been exported to China, through a delivery to a hospital in Hong Kong. The capacity is 500 litres of purely clean water per hour and E also tells that EDI, electrodeionization, is installed in the compact machine. ​​​​​​​

–The order came through our partner Getinge and the machines that are adjusted to them is called WPT, which stands for Water Pre-Treatment. This machine was assembled here at the main office and production facility in Falun, says Lars Wiklund who is the founder and CEO of PWS. 

In Hong Kong it was installed and put to practice by a Getinge-technician who has been trained by PWS Senior Application Specialist Jim Visser. The training took place in connection with a machine transport to Australia in the spring of 2017. In Brisbane multiple technicians was gathered. 

– It was a drill that had great results for everyone involved. It favoured our and Getinges entrence to the very special chinese market, with the CUBO/WPT. We are also very happy about the fact that there is a intent to deliver two more machines to Hong Kong during 2019, Lars Wiklund says.
Håkan Edvardsson